Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Deadbeat Don Raises Campaign Rent to Profit From His Donors

Deadbeat Don will figure out a way to make money on this election no matter who he has to screw including his own campaign.  Consider this recent article ~

Donald Trump Jacked Up His Campaign’s Trump Tower Rent Once Somebody Else Was Paying It

WASHINGTON ― After bragging for a year about how cheaply he was running his campaign, Donald Trump is spending more freely now that other people are contributing ― particularly when the beneficiary is himself.

Trump nearly quintupled the monthly rent his presidential campaign pays for its headquarters at Trump Tower to $169,758 in July, when he was raising funds from donors, compared with March, when he was self-funding his campaign, according to a Huffington Post review of Federal Election Commission filings. The rent jumped even though he was paying fewer staff in July than he did in March.

The Trump campaign paid Trump Tower Commercial LLC $35,458 in March ― the same amount it had been paying since last summer ― and had 197 paid employees and consultants. In July, it paid 172 employees and consultants.

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