Monday, August 22, 2016

The Deadbeat Donald "Way to Wealth Scaminar"

More than 6,000 people have now demanded Trump be stripped of a
Doctorate of Business Administration awarded by Aberdeen's
Robert Gordon University (RGU) in 2010.  
Ever hear of the Trump Institute?

DD works hard to keep this spin-off of his Trump University scam out of the press. . . because, like Trump U, it was all promises and no content.  Just like his presidential campaign.  A scam.

Known as the "The Donald Trump Way to Wealth Seminar," it was built of a licensed image of DD with course material blatantly plagiarized from other, legitimate courses.  If you consider any get rich quick course legitimate.  And plagiarized by well, people not known as being the most honest or ethical.  Like DD.  You know what they say, whoever they are:  "Birds of a feather, scam together."

So, not only was it a scam.  It was a scam stolen from not quite on the up and up sources.  By people known for shady dealings.  Who had a contract from DD to do this thing.

But don't believe me, read these:

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