Friday, August 19, 2016

Has Deadbeat Don gone too far with his racist power-thirsty con game?

Kim Jong-un
US Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump has praised
North Korea's Leader Kim Jong-Un for being a tough dictator.
So Deadbeat Donald apologized.

Political expediency has forced his hand.  As articles in several national journal noted, he is beginning to lose the support of educated white men.

At heart are they angry?  Do they have cause to be angry?

I wholeheartedly believe they do.  They have been patronized and manipulated by both sides in our political system; both political parties are guilty of egregious hypocrisy in their dealings with people that are the backbone of our country and have been since our earliest days.

Has Deadbeat Don gone too far with his racist power-thirsty con game?

Here's what a top aide to Ronald Reagan had to say:
"Donald Trump's racial rhetoric and poor business acumen make him unfit to occupy the Oval Office, Frank Lavin, Reagan's political director from 1987 to 1989 told CNBC's "Worldwide Exchange" on Thursday."
Even the most devoted conservative Republicans are coming to realize that Mr. Trump is a deeply flawed and essentially greedy man cynically taking advantage of a segment of our population that deserves so much better.

These people, honorable Americans with sincere beliefs and honest grievances are starting to realize that Deadbeat Don will do anything, say anything, take any course to feed his perverted and sick quest for the power to rule us with his iron hand.

As Mikhale Barishnikov recently said, Deadbeat Donald's 'rhetoric 'reminds me of the Soviet Union'.

Can anyone say more?

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